Thursday, June 7, 2012

A little backsliding on the room renovation.

I've still got 6 months.  Just under. And you'll note that the bookcase on the left is empty.  Soon it will get repainted (note passive tense) and then maybe I'll put it somewhere else in the house. Or maybe back in the same place. It will look better no matter what.

I may consolidate the fish into one tank, although it will be a bit crowded.  So I'll probably move a bunch of them outside for the summer in my little pond. They are Endler's guppies and quite hardy and prolific.  They do just fine outside in the summer but I often forget to catch them and bring them back in for the winter.   I don't feel terrible about it.  It's a cycle of life thing; they become food for something else, etc etc.

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