Friday, February 3, 2012

Inching along. It might not look like much improvement but it's something.

And now you can open the door all the way! The middle picture on the January 15th entry shows what you used to see when you opened the door.

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  1. I get tremendous enjoyment from clicking on the photos to enlarge them a bit so I can get a good look at all the tchotchkes and such.

    I'm the kind of person who enjoys strolling through neighborhoods when it's dark so I can peer into people's houses--from the sidewalk, mind you, though I'd probably creep closer if I thought I wouldn't get caught and bring shame upon my family.

    I spied a pipe stand in one of the photos. My dad used to have something similar, with a few less pipes. He must have gone through a phase, or something, because I don't really remember him ever smoking a pipe. However, they came in handy for me during my teen years, before I gathered the courage to visit a then-legal head shop--probably Maggie's Farm in Takoma Park, or some place in Georgetown--to buy my own.