Sunday, January 1, 2012

Inspiration for this blog.

Anne of Fat Chat ( lost 24.6 lbs in 2011. She did it by reading and thinking and organizing her thoughts. She created a blog specifically about achieving her goal of losing weight, and she posted regularly every Wednesday.

If she can lose nearly 25 lbs in one year, I should be able to clean out a small catch-all bedroom and turn it into a pleasing guest bedroom. When I say "catch-all" I really, really mean catch-all. Fish tanks, hundreds and hundreds of books, boxes of old photos, bills, letters, and newspaper clippings, old magazines, old computers and other miscellaneous electronics, tchochkes left behind by my parents, paintings left behind by my daughter, desks, chairs, and stools.



    Yeah, my last post there was in 2010.

    Good luck!

  2. Kitt! How nice to see your name. My sister and I have been worrying about you. (That's what my sister and I do when we put our heads together. We fret. We're so very good at it.) Happy new year!

  3. These photos make me think of areas of my folks' house, which had to be addressed before the house could be sold. I think everyone, just about, has at least one such area--a shelf, a closet, a room, a level.

    Did I read that someone has given you an idea about what to do with all the books?

    You were sweet to type out the entire Fat Chat URL--but you needn't have. I just wanted to alert you that links were not working.

    Please post more pics. And what is that piece of furniture where the keyboard is placed? How large is the room? Are there distinguishing features? Windows?